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Is that sock just not doing it anymore? Is masturbating not worth the sore muscles? These sex toys take the hassle out of pleasure and allow you to enjoy the experience. So throw that sock out — but you might need to keep the lotion — and test out these popular sex toys for men. Also if you are looking for some great porno let us know by email so we can help others out after they buy our toys

fleshlightEveryone’s heard of it. But other variations are also available to emulate oral or anal sex. No matter which style you choose, the products offer a hyper-realistic feeling, easy to clean parts, and a design that creates intense suction. The Classic Pink Lady (vagina model) goes for $64.95.

sweetlipsThis toy is perfect for those who want maximum pleasure with minimum work. Sweetlips has adjustable speed controls and a powerful motor. It can also be mounted on the wall for some experimentation. Sweetlips is easy to clean and has a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about dead batteries ruining the mood. A great item at a great price. You can purchase Sweetlips for $119.

verspankenIf sensation and mobility is something you are looking for, the VerSpanken is the toy for you. It snaps closed to maintain a constant grip on the penis. The amount of pressure applied to your penis can also beadjusted. A similar product, the VerSpanken H20, comes with various textures (smooth, bumpy or wavy) and temperature options for an even more specialized pleasure experience. The VerSpanken can be ordered online from for as low as $20.84 plus shipping and handling.

Cobra Libre 2 Massager
cobra libre 2The Cobra Libre uses two motors that provide vibrations to the most sensitive part of the penis: its head. The Cobra Libre is a hands-free device so you can sit back and let it go to work. Or break it out during foreplay with your partner and try some new hand job techniques. The Cobra Libre 2 Massager is available for only $130.

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